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Nobeyama | What you enjoy Nagano trip in Japan

Nagano prefecture is known for its beautiful and natural area that is very accessible from Tokyo by train.

For example, one of the great shrine called Suwa Taisha, beautiful Mishaka lake, and Kisozhi that show traditional townscape is situated on Nagano.

However, the most beautiful aspect in Nagano prefecture is the unbelievable starry sky like the feeling universe.

Fantastic Stargazing in Nobeyama

When you build a sightseeing plan in Nagano prefecture including stargazing, I definitely recommend making a schedule for staying in Nobeyama.

Nobeyama is one of the areas in Minami Makimura where is located in Nagano prefecture. And, this area has been selected by 27 astronomers as a top of the three spots where the most beautiful stars are seen in Japan.

The reason why Nobeyama has an outstanding starry sky is associated with geological fact.

Technically, the Nobeyama area is surrounded by many mountains called Yatsugatake, so it leads to block out the light that interfere to see shining stars.

In addition, the train station called Nobeyama Station that you will be accessed has already reached at 1,346 meter high.

Consequently, If you have luck with good weather, the amazing starry sky will show up in front of you.

I promise you will be definitely admired and got inspired by this great scenery.

As a side note, you should frequently check the weather and moon cycle, because these light can be an obstacle for stargazing as I mentioned.

Spots in Nobeyama

After or before enjoying stargazing, you will be able to access some sort of sightseeing spots around Nobeyama in Minami Makimura.

The below list is the main spot for sightseeing in Nobeyama.

  • Nobeyama Radio Observatory
  • Shishi Iwa
  • Takisawa Ranch

Nobeyama Radio Observatory

Nobeyama Radio Observatory will stimulate your curiosity for astronomy.

The observatory is one of the largest organizations related to astronomy in Japan. And, a lot of investigation for the universe is conducted with researchers, domestic and international students.

In addition, this observatory owns a large scale radio telescope that is able to catch radio waves and used for discovering Black Hole around the world.

nobeyama radio observatiry

Of course, you can see this 45meter telescope closely, and have a look inside facilities for the exhibition like 4D theatre related to the universe.

As a side note, this observatory holds a special exhibition about a result of a study for radio astronomy once a year.

So, check the information or send an email beforehand if you are interested in it.

Magnificent Scenery in Shishi Iwa


Shishi Iwa is a spot that you must visit no matter what you are not interested in.

The spot shows magnificent scenery that can overlook around Nobeyama plateau surrounded by Yatsugatake mountains.


This spectacular scenery is very impressive as you take your breath away. I ensure you must be overwhelmed.

Furthermore, You will be able to sit down on the rock as viewing the Nobeyama plateau and relax whenever you want.


The spot is accessible by car from Nobeyama Station by less than 10 minutes.

Moreover, Shishi Iwa has a good reputation among local people, so visit here as possible as you can.

Interacting with animals in Takisawa Ranch

If you would like to interact with animals, Takisawa Ranch will be an excellent place for you.

The ranch is raising a variety of animals like pony, cow, rabbit, goose, pig, so you will be able to experience that can not feel another place in everyday life.

In addition, the ranch offers facilities for eating, camping, BBQ, cafe, and unique accommodation that set on the second floor in a stable (That accommodation is 2,500 yen).

As I mentioned, Nobeyama is one of the spots for stargazing, therefore camping here will be also a good choice to see great stars regardless of the seasons.


If you visit here in winter, unique activities like dog sled and beautiful animals are waiting for you.

How To Accesses To Nobeyama Station

nobeyama station

Nobeyama is relatively easy to access by train and car although it’s apart from Tokyo over 150km.

If you approach from Tokyo, check the below list that indicates how you go by train.

  • Shinjuku Station (JR Chuo Honsen) → Kobuchizawa Station → Change to JR Koumi Line→Nobeyam (The price is 5,650 yen, and around 2 hours and a half).

If you want to save money more instead of time, choose another option.

  • Shinjuku Station (Keio Line) → Takao Station (Change to JR Chuo Honsen bound to Otsuki) → Otsuki (get on the same line bound for Matsumoto) → Kobuchizawa (Change to JR Koumi Line) → Nobeyama (The price is 3,007 yen and around 4 hours).

In such this, Nobeyama in Nagano prefecture can be accessible by only transferring local trains from Tokyo.

And, this web site has already posted other fantastic spots like Mishaka Lake that reflects beautiful green nature on the lake in Nagano.

Please check it as well, if you are interested in.

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