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Tama Lake | The beautiful sunset and tourist attractions

Tokyo has some sort of a beautiful lake although it is known as a metropolitan in Japan.

Particularly, western Tokyo owns a variety of natural tourist attractions and Tama Lake that shows a beautiful sunset is one of them.

So, I mention features in Tama Lake and tourist attractions around there at this time.

The feature and background of Tama Lake in Tokyo

First, Tama Lake is located in the city of Higashi-Yamato in western Tokyo in Japan.

Tama lake

It is said that the place is the biggest as a lake that exists only in Tokyo not crossing other prefecture (The biggest one is actually Okutama Lake but it crosses the Yamanashi prefecture).

Originally, Tama Lake was built artificially as a reservoir in 1927, so it has another name called Murayama-Reservoir.

However, a lot of people visit here, because some activities like the below list are there.

  • impressive sunset with the lake
  • Seasonal view like cherry blossom
  • Bird watching
  • Sport like sunning
  • Relaxing in a natural park near there

Furthermore, there is a baseball stadium and amusement park near Tama Lake, so many people visit the lake after or before watching a game.

The three ways to access Tama Lake

To visit Tama Lake, there are mainly three methods like the below list.

  • Train for Seibu-Yuenchi Station
  • Bicycle through cycling road
  • Car through Oume-Kaido

If you have or rent a bicycle, it will be a good experience for you to access through cycling road in Tokyo as far as Tama Lake.

This is because you can cycle as going through a road that is surrounded by nature like a tunnel.

Tama Jitensyado (cycling road)

The road is called Tama-Jitensha-do and can be accessed from the city of Musashi-Sakai to Tama Lake directly by taking about 6.8 miles, so you will not get lost.

Sunset in Tama Lake and Spots around there

When you arrive at Tama Lake in the evening, a beautiful sunset might show up in front of you.

Tama lake with the sunset

The sunset is reflecting like a mirror through the lake, and it is very impressive so that I feel nostalgic although it is in Tokyo.

Just so you know, if you have additional time that waits for the time of sunset, visiting tourist attractions around Tama Lake is also a good choice to enjoy this trip.

For example, I recommend visiting spots like the below list.

  • Hazamayma Park
  • Hachikokuyama-Ryokuchi (Natural park)
  • Mitake Tunnel

Hazamayama Park

Hazamayama Park in Western Tokyo

Hazamayama Park is just next to Tama Lake, and a lot of people visit here because of its good accessibility.

The park is comparatively big, so there are a variety of people such as runners, bird watchers, family for picnics, and so on.

The place is very suitable for relaxation because of the quiet and natural spot so you will be spending a good time here untile seeing the sunset in Tama Lake.

Hachikokuyama Ryokuchi

Hachikokuyama Ryokuchi in Western Tokyo

Hachikokuyama-Ryokuchi is a park that shows rich nature so that it can not be imagined in Tokyo.

The area is also large as well as Hazamayama Park and you can explorer the forest in the spot while observing rare creatures.

Hachikokuyama Ryokuchi in Wentern Tokyo

For instance, this place has a bird like the below list.

  • Aegithalos caudatus
  • Parus minor
  • Dendrocopos kizuki

On the other hand, you can see other types of birds that come by crossing continents in winter.

  • Phoenicurus aureus
  • Turdus pallidus
  • Turdus enormous etc…

Such this, unique bird watching is available every season.

As a similar spot that has the same atmosphere here, Nikko Senjogahara is also recommended if Hachikokuyama-Ryokuchi suits your interest.

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Mitake Tunnel

Mitake Tunnel in Western Tokyo

Mitake Tunnel might make you feel fear a little bit in contrast to other spots.

But, if you access Tama Lake by bicycle, this spot is recommended to visit, because it is very cool even summer season.

Mitake Tunnel in Western Tokyo

So, Mitake Tunnel is suitable to take a rest for cyclists while waiting for the sunset.

As a side note, the spot is a little bit far from Tama Lake, and the road is complicated a little bit due to out of the main street.

However, it might be a good opportunity for you to explorer the suburbed area in Tokyo by bicycle.

Conclusion of Tama Lake in Tokyo

Tama Lake and spots around there have many attractive points to enjoy a day trip.

If you are interested in more spots in western Tokyo, please check the below article to refer to your day trip.

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