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Tama area | 5 Fantastic Spots in The Western Tokyo

Ginko trees at Showa Kinen Park

In Tokyo, downtown particularly has a lot of stunning spots like Tokyo tower, Harajuku, Imperial Palace, and so on.

These areas are comparatively situated in downtown that is divided into 23 wards like Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Except for 23 wards, other 26 cities, 5 towns, 8 villages in Tokyo are categorized as a lump of the area called the Tama area in western Tokyo.

However, the Tama area actually has a very fantastic spot that you can not enjoy and experience downtown.

So, this article describes 5 beautiful and amazing spots in the Tama area.

Rock Garden in Mt. Mitake

rock garden in Mt. Mitke

Apart from metropolitan, Tokyo has another face like Natural Rock Garden.

The spot shows deep green nature, mountain stream, variety of plants, and mammalian such as Japanese giant flying squirrels.

As a result, it is an absolutely natural area that does not makes you feel of being in Tokyo.

However, the Rock Garden is especially located in the western part of the Tama area, so you need to prepare for a schedule of a day trip at least because of accessibility.

For example, you need to access to Mt. Mitake and pass through the Shrine of Musashi-Mitake.

the Shrine of Musashi-Mitake

If you need more information about this spot including Rock Garden, the below article will be very helpful for you.

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Shrine of Musashi Mitake | Mythical background in Mt. Mitake

Tama Lake

Tama Lake in Tokyo

When you want to give yourself up to relaxing apart from crowded places like Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc, Tama Lake (Japanese name is Tamako) will make you feel calm definitely.

Tama Lake is situated in Higashiyamato city and plays a rule as a reservoir to supply tap water for the general households.

Originally, the lake was built in 1927 named by Murayama reservoir to store a source of water along with an increase of population in Tokyo at the time.

So, it is actually an artificial lake and assists our daily life.

The sunset at Tama Lake

There is no doubt that Tama Lake is an impressive spot to stimulate our emotions.

For example, If you are lucky with good weather, a combination of the orange sunset and reflective lake would show up in front of you.

The sunset in Tama Lake

I promise that the view to see in the evening here is very nostalgic, and it makes your heart peace.

In addition, Tama Lake is accessible by both train and bicycle because there are straight cycling roads called Tama-Jitensha-Do which is 7.4 miles from Western Tokyo city.

So, if you prefer to work out like that, it will be a good opportunity for you to explore in western Tokyo.

Tama Lake | The beautiful sunset and tourist attractions

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

If you do not want to go out far away from 23 wards or hope a hard day trip, Inokashira Park might be the best place for you.

The park is situated in the boundary between Musashino and Mitaka City where is comparatively accessible from the metropolitan.

In terms of features in this park, the area is quite huge and abound with nature compare to ordinary parks in spite of near metropolitan.

So, it often shows a bustling scene on the holiday particularly.

Tourist attractions in Inokashira park

A variety of spots like Inokashira zoo, sculpture atelier, cafe, and boot activity are available in the park.

Especially, the unique sculptures made by great artist Seibou Kitamura are put down inside his atelier in the Inokashira sculpture museum.

Inokashira sculpture museum

This web site introduced sculptor Kitamura and his works that are set here, so check below the post to know the Japanese sculpture world if you are interested in it.

The Peace Statue in Nagasaki: Japanese sculpture world

Going back to Inokashira Park, If you have nothing to do after enjoying the park, you will be able to choose other splendid options such as eating out, shopping, watching a movie in the Kichijoji city.

Consequently, this area including the Inokashira Park will offer exciting experience and flexible activity choices for you.

Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park in Autumn

Showa Kinen Park is the biggest park in Tokyo and located in the boundary between Tachikawa and Akishima City.

The attractive characteristic in the park is to be able to experience countless activities more than Inokashira park by utilizing a huge area.

For instance, Showa Kinen Park has a lake for renting a boat, vast field, dog park, Japanese garden, restaurant, cafe, the Emperor Showa Memorial Museum, and so on.

vast field in Showa Kinen Park

Moreover, the cycling road is set in the park across the 8.7 miles surprisingly.

Consequently, even if you are accessing by bicycle or rent it on site, the park must be a fun time for you as you forget everyday life.

Ginko trees at Showa Kinen Park

Another feature at Showa Kinen Park is to see incredible Ginko trees that are the most beautiful in Tokyo.

You can see the trees in the daytime inside the park, but those are lighted up during the Autumn season.

Ginko trees at Showa Kinen Park

The site shows fantastic scenery like a yellow tunnel, and you can walk the road seeing the illumination in the season.

Not in Tokyo, Chichibu Muse Park in Saitama prefecture also shows fantastic ginkgo trees such as tunnel, so it gives us an autumn atmosphere as well as Showa Kinen Park.

If you need more information on Chichibu Muse Park in Saitama and tourist attractions in the Chichibu area, please read the below article.

7 interesting and attractive sites at Chichibu in Saitama

Mt. Takao

The road in Mt.Takao

Mt. Takao is definitely the most famous mountain as well as Mt. Fuji for foreign travelers.

In particular, the Mt.Takao has carried out the world record as a mountain site that the tourists around the world visit in a year the most (The record reach 2,600,000 tourists in a year).

The reason why the mountain has recorded popularity is an easy hiking course and beautiful nature in each season.

For instance, the mountain shows amazing cherry blossoms in spring, the combination of red and yellow leaves forms organic autumn leaves around the middle of November.

The scenery cherry blossoms at Mt. Takao with

These natural scenes are very breathtakingly beautiful, and it makes you want to visit Mt. Takao over and over again.

In addition, When you achieved to hike to the top of the mountain, the great panoramic view which can overlook around Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture will show up in front of you.

The scenery from the top of Mt.Takao

If you hope to skip hiking or head for the next mountain called Mt. Jinba from the top of Mt. Takao, using cable cars might be a good choice as well.

Yakuoin in Mt. Takao

When you access just before the top of the mountain, the traditional temple called Yakuoin that has a history from 744 should be checked.

Yakuoin in Mt. Takao

This is because Yakuoin including Mt.Takao has historical backgrounds and very interesting elements not only the aesthetic aspect of the temple itself.

For instance, Mt. Takao was originally a sacred mountain for Japanese monks to train for mountain worship, and then the temple was used for them.

Furthermore, the Tengu’s monuments that legendary Yokai in Japan are put down around Yakuoin curiously. (Yokai is the general term for Japanese monsters).

Tengu's momument in Mt.Takao

The reason for it is that this area including Mt. Takao is associated with the folklore of Tengu’s story.

However, that topic will be a long story, so please check the below article about the details of Tengu, if you are interested in Japanese folklore and Yokai.

Tengu might have existed in 19th century | Japanese Yokai

Conclusion in Tama area in Tokyo

As I mentioned, The Tama area has very interesting spots as well as 23 wards in Tokyo.

If you want to know more information about sightseeing spots, histological background in a site, or a cultural story in Japan, check past articles.

It will be assisted with your knowledge and stimulate your curiosity.