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Mt. Mitake | A great spots and Natural Rock Garden in Tokyo

The most famous mountain in Tokyo is Mt.Takao in terms of accessibility, beauty, and easy difficulty of mountaineering.

However, Tokyo has other unique mountains like Mt. Mitake and Mt.Kumotori that is over 2000m high.

Particularly, Mt. Mitake is well known for owning a national rock garden surrendered by strong green nature, beautiful shrines on the top of the mountain, and so on.

So, I will introduce about sightseeing spots in Mt.Mitake for 3 categories.

The 3 attractive points in Mt.Mitake

A very interesting point in Mt.Mitake must be roughly categorized into 3 points.

The below list is spots and activities that you are able to do in the mountain.

  • Shrine of Musashi Mitake
  • National rock garden called Iwazonoen
  • mountaineering to Mt. Otake

You can skip to that section which you are interested in.

Shrine of Musashi Mitake on top of the mountain


Shrine of Musashi Mitake is on the top of Mt. Mitake which is 929m high, and passage point to go to Mt.Otake and Natural Rock Garden.

In addition, the site has traditional, valuable shrines and mythical background.

Last time, I mentioned detailed information about the Shrine of Musashi Mitake itself, so please check the last article as well.

Shrine of Musashi Mitake | Mythical background in Mt. Mitake

As one of the choices, you can get on a cable car for the top to save time and physical strength.

Furthermore, If you are lucky with the good weather, a sea of clouds like the below photo might appear in front of you.


1000 Years of Tree “Jindai Keyaki”

When you are access to Shrine of Musashi Mitake, you definitely pass-through shop street that shows a traditional style of townscape in Japan.


And, the valuable tree called “Jindai Keyaki” also show up in front of you.


Surprisingly, the great tree has existed from over 1000 years ago, and it is said that this tree takes a visitor’s bad luck away.

So, these partial and historical spots also make you enjoy as well.

Rock Garden in Mt. Mitake


Rock Garden in Mt.Mitake is a very beautiful and fantastic spot that shows the combination of natural rock, deep green nature, and mountain stream.

The spot does not make you feel that you are being in Tokyo.


In addition, the spot is possible to access from Shrine of Musashi Mitake through “Tree of Tengu” and “Ayahiro Waterfall” that I introduce the next section.

So, if you wish to relax apart from everyday life in an urban area, this spot gives a super relaxation for you.

Ayahiro Waterfall

Ayahiro Waterfal

Ayahiri Waterfalls also an attractive spot that I want you to visit with Rock Garden.

The spot has a distinctive atmosphere to make only water sound, and show you a traditional architecture called Torii with waterfall.

Ayahiro Waterfa02

I promise your mind will be cleared by this magnificent view, atmosphere, and impression.

Furthermore, this waterfall is accessible to the Rock green which is around 20 minutes.

So you will be able to visit here easily.

Tree of Tengu

Tree of Tengu

This curious tree is called “Tengu No Koshikake Sugi” which means “A Cedar tree that Tengu sit down”.

According to folklore in the region, the name of this tree came from the legend that a Japanese monster called Tengu sit down this tree.

If you are interested in Tengu itself, please read the past article.

Tengu might have existed in 19th century | Japanese Yokai

Going back to this spot, the tree is 300 years old and standing on the passing point to Mt.Otake and Rock Garden (It is a junction to these spots) .

So, you definitely pass-through here when you go to Mt.Otake or Rock Garden from Shrine of Musashi Mitake.

Mt. Otake from the top of Mt. Mitake


Mt.Otake is an accessible mountain from the Shrine of Musashi Mitake.

The mountain is behind Mt.Mitake and reaches 1266m high, so it’s very easy to access.

However, the mountain has unique spots like a small shrine, mountain road by setting a chain, countless cedar trees, and so on.

In addition, the spot is fewer visitors than Mt.Mitake, so you will be able to enjoy hiking comfortably.


As you do hiking, you will see the unique shrine called Otake shrine.

It makes you feel a distinctive atmosphere by a combination of absolute silence and architecture like a ruin.

Otake shrine

This shrine is located in the middle passage to the top of the mountain, so you definitely passing through here.

Top of Mt.Otake


When you arrive at the top of the mountain, magnificent scenery spread out in front of you.

You can look over other mountains and villages around here, and it gives you a sense of achievement for your hiking.


That impression will be an unforgettable experience for you.

After relaxing here, you can go down and get back to the cable car through the top of Mt.Mitake.

As another option, you can go to Rock Garden through Ayahiro waterfall from here

So, decide yourself as checking your condition, and enjoy these spots.