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Senjogahara in Nikko | Phantom Lake and Mythical background

Last time, I introduced a historical and popular site called Nikko Tushougu in Tochigi prefecture.

However, there are more interesting and attractive spots in the Nikko area.

For instance, a huge marsh spot called Senjogahara is a very beautiful area, and accessible from Toushougu. It’s surrounded by forest green nature, a large lake, waterfall, hiking course, and so on. 

Activities and interesting points in Senjogahar

First, if you trip Nikko in Tochigi prefecture, I promise that Senjogahara gives you an unforgettable experience.

The spot has magnificent scenery such as a rich nature, marsh area, waterfall, variety of plants, and so on.

Technically, Senjogahara belongs to Nikko National Park on which is across three prefectures include Tochigi, Gunma, Fukushima. So, it’s significantly enormous, but you can hike to Senjogahara through the national park.

the way to Senjogahara from Okunikko
the way to Senjogahara and flower road

In addition, It’s not hard hiking, because the spot has already reached around 1,400 meters high containing departure area.

As a result, even the elderly and children came there, this hiking must be easy.

The Myth in Senjogahara

A very interesting narrative such as a local myth in Senjogahara has transmitted.

In the distant past, there were two gods. One is the god of Niara belongs to Tochigi prefecture, and the god of Akagi belongs to Gunma prefecture conflicted because they wanted to gain a huge lake called Chuzenjiko where is located in Nikko at present.

When they fight, the god of Niara transformed for a big snake. On the other hand, the god of Akagi also transformed for an insect-like a centipede.

Then, their battlefield was this Senjogahara, and it originated in the name of the spot (Senjogahara technically means a grassland of the battlefield).

Senjogahara where a gods conflicted

After they fought, the god of Niara in Tochigi prefecture finally won and possessed Chuzen lake.

Due to their conflicting, Senjogahara was formed for vast geographical features according to myth in this region.

As a side note, the below article mentioned sightseeing points, activities, and legends that have been handed down at Mt. Akagi, so if you are curious about those, please check it out.

Mt. Akagi in Gunma | amazing points and the legend of water

The sightseeing spots around Senjogahara

If you have a plan to visit Senjogahara, I recommend you go to other reputable spots as well.

The below list is popular sites near Senjogahara and Nikko.

  • Odashirogahara in Nikko National Park
  • Okunikko
  • Lake Chuzenji (Chuzenjiko)
  • Nikko Toushougu

You can access by direct bus from the main station called Tobu Nikko Station (I will advert to the detail in the final section).

Odashirogahara called Phantom Lake

This is a partial area called Odashirogahara where is located in Nikko National Park with Senjogahara.

scenery at Odashirogahara

The marsh area is also vast as well as Senjogahara and, if you are lucky, you would see a fantastic lake called “phantom lake” in Odashirogahara.

This phenomenon is extremely rare and could show up once a few years due to heavy rain. However, this scenery depends on the weather and unusual happening.

Consequently, you should keep in mind about the condition of the weather.

Okunikko with Yuno Lake

Okunikko is an amazing area as well as other spots I introduced.

I particularly recommend you visit here before hiking in Senjogahara because the spot is the departure area for the hiking course.

And, a lot of accommodations are also available here, so it is suitable for an access point for Senjogahara and Odashirogahar.

Yuno lake at Okunikko

In addition, a beautiful lake called Yunoko (Yuno lake) is also there near the accommodations, so you can get on a boat, fishing, stargazing at night, and relax at the coast as long as time allows.

I promise you must like it.

As a side note, the spot is already around 1,400 meteors high as I mentioned before, so it is comfortable to spend time in the summer season.

Lake Chuzenji

Lake Chuzenji (Chuzenjiko) is also one of the wonderful sites in Nikko.

Image of lake Chuzen in Nikko

You can do activities such as a canoe rental, cruising in the lake, see a huge and fantastic waterfall called Kegon waterfall.

In addition, the spot is located in a middle point between the main station in Nikko and Senjogahara. 

Consequently, it’s easy to access by bus that takes around 45 minutes from the main station called Tobu Nikko Station. 

How to accesses to the spots in Nikko

There are some ways to access these spots. 

1. The first, the easiest way is that you get on a train for Nikko from Shinjuku station in Tokyo. 

  • Shinjuku station → gets on the Shounan Shinjuku line bound for Utsunomiya → get off at Kurihashi station → transfer to Tobu Nikko Line → get off at Tobu Nikko station. (A time is around 2hours and a half,  less than 2.000 yen)

Keep in mind for Tobu Nikko station, because it is the main station to approach almost spots in Nikko. 

However, this travel time will be a good experience for you, because the awesome scenery in the countryside shows up in front of you, as getting on the train. 

The landscape of the countryside in Japan has a good reputation, so I’d like you to enjoy travel time as well. 

Tobu Nikko Station to each spots

2. Second, you must get on a direct bus at the station of Tobu Nikko bound for “Yumoto Onsen” in Okunniko.

  • Bus station of Tobu Nikko → Lake Chuzen (Chuzenjiko) → Senjogahara and Odashirogahara (can skip hiking) → Okunikko include Yuno lake and accommodations. (A time is around 1hours and a 20minute until Okunikko) 

Technically, it is also possible to access for all spots that I introduced, if you get off the bus on the way.

Nikko Toshogu

Finally, I want you to introduce the site where can be accessed from the station of Tobu Nikko as well as Okunikko.

Nikko Toshogu is actually not located in Okunikko, but it can be said that Toushogu is historically the most important site that you should visit.

Nikko Toshogu

Toshogu shows many traditional architectures, thousands of sculptures like Three Wise Monkeys and Nemuri- Neko that made by a mysterious and legendary sculptor called Hidari Jingoro.

It is said that Hidari Jingoro was surprisingly lived a life for 300 years according to one theory. 

Hidari Jingro | The legendary craftsman who lived in 300 years

Anyway, Toshogu has a variety of valuable and mysterious points, so please check this site absolutely, because the site will be passed through when you access Okunikko. 

If you want any information about Nikko Toshogu, the below article will be helpful for you.

Nikko Toshogu | 4 mysterious and interesting points